Darshana Jayawardana,

Meet our team

Darshana – The Chairman

Darshana Jayawardana, the chairman and the founder of the company worked in a charity school as an English teacher for 10 years before he owned SL Wide Tours. It was through hardship, dedication and his ability to dream big that he is in this position today. The many years that have been spent in has helped Mr. Darshana to make a remarkable name for himself in the tourism trade. Not only he established the company by his own, he inspired all the young men who work at SL Wide Tours to be the best tour guides in Sri Lanka and to make an extraordinary name for themselves. Achieving extra miles in tourism trade Mr. Darshana Jayawardana has no surprise that together as a team to put a great deal of passion into their victorious travel journey

Our team

Indulge in Sri Lanka’s most delicious & historic neighborhoods with Premium-grade support.
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Malshani Hasanthika

The Director

When you travel with SL Wide Tours, every second is magical. You won’t just see a destination, you will meet it, feel it and taste it. Welcome to the art of traveling in style! We, at SL Wide Tours provide the most authentic experiences to our clients!



Tour Leader and Chauffeur

‘We travel initially to lose ourselves; when we travel next, we find ourselves’ – I am lucky enough to be showing people what I love the most in Sri Lanka! Five years with SL Wide Tours, endless memories and lifelong friends!

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Tour Leader and Chauffeur

I have been a tour guide for almost 5 years now and I adore absolutely every minute of it! Showing people the most beautiful places in Sri Lanka and putting a smile on their faces is my passion.

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Tour Leader and Chauffeur

Travelling brings us peace and serenity. With SL Wide Tours I found a way to keep exploring, learning and best of all making new memories with new friends.

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Tour Leader and Chauffeur

Being a tour guide is the best job in the world, we get to travel with people while they are on holiday, making them happy is the best feeling ever!  



Reservation Manager

The main target of my role is listening to clients’ travel needs and providing travel advice and information that meets those needs. I am interested in improving my customer service skills and interacting with customers and responding to questions and complaints in a friendly, professional manner.



Reseravtion Executive

The ultimate goal of mine is to create a unique experience for the clients which makes them want to return again.



Tour Leader and Chauffeur

I believe that it is our duty to make everyone’s experience of Sri Lanka the most welcoming, memorable and beautiful.

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Tour Leader and Chauffeur

I absolutely love my job and have already shown hundreds of people around Sri Lanka and will continue to do it for many more years ahead!  

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