Witness The Best Of The Wildlife In Sri Lanka!

Witness The Best Of Wildlife In Sri Lanka!

The Sri Lankan Leopard,

The Sri Lankan leopard has a tawny or rusty yellow coat with dark spots and close-set rosettes, which are smaller than in Indian leopards. They are solitary hunters, with the exception of females with young. Both sexes live in overlapping territories with the ranges of males overlapping the smaller ranges of several females, as well as overlapping the ranges of neighboring males. They prefer hunting at night, but are also active during dawn and dusk, and daytime hours.

A Sri Lankan Leopard spotted while a safari tour- PC: Tour leader – Heshan



The Sri Lankan leopard hunts by silently stalking its prey, until it is within striking distance where it unleashes a burst of speed to quickly pursue and pounce on its victim. The prey is usually dispatched with a single bite to the throat. Like most cats, it is pragmatic in its choice of diet which can include small mammals, birds, reptiles as well as larger animals. Axis or spotted deer make up the majority of its diet in the dry zone. The animal also preys on sambar, barking deer, wild boar and monkeys.

Leopards have been mainly observed in dry ever green monsoon forests, arid scrub jungle, rainforests, low and upper highland forests as well as wet zone intermediate forests. Now the population has been limited to certain areas of the country which value the conservation of these creatures. Some of the most well-known locations to watch leopards in their natural habitat would be the Yala National Park and the Wilpattu National Park. leopards are considered as nocturnal animals but they are also encountered during day time. This is mainly during early mornings and late afternoons.

Sri Lanka is the place to be if you want to experience wildlife, birds, trees and beautiful rivers. You can choose from a variety of safaris to the Sri Lankan National parks or stay at the lodges, both offer the opportunity to discover the fauna and flora by safaris or on foot. Certainly offering a unique experience for you and family.


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